Dr-Woveshen-MaistryWoveshen completed his Bachelor of Dental Therapy degree at the University of Kwa-zulu natal in 2005, feeling unsatisfied with his achievement, the urge to further his studies drove him to pursue a course Bachelor of Dental Science degree at the Medical University of South Africa in 2010.

In his final year of Dentistry, he scooped several awards namely:

  •     Best final year student for academic and clinical work in pre and final year of study
  •     Gold medal for best academic record from 1st to final year
  •     SADA bst final year student in Periodontology
  •     SADA Best final year student in Maxillofacial and Oral surgery
  •     SADA best final year student in Orthodontics
  •     SADA best final year student in Operative Dentistry
  •     Gold medal recipient for most distinguished career from first to fifth year by SADA.

He has been in private practice for the past 5 years, his pursuit to achieve clinical excellence and patient satisfaction has been corner stones of his practice.

He joined Private Dental Studio to work with Dr Terence Moodley to advance his skills in computer aged dentistry.

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