3D XRay

With the orthopos XG 3D we provide the patient with a 3 dimensional view of the upper and lower jaw .we can then diagnosis problematic areas . the orthopos xg 3d integrates with the cerec omnicam so we mill surgical stents to place implants at a single visit. The accuracy eliminates complications that can arise.

Implant guided-high precision drilling template provides with the patient with utmost safety during surgery.

The 3D image of the jaw also provides us with more information about teeth in 3 dimensional as opposed to normal 2 dimensional xrays. Eg . with 3rd molars ( wisdom teeth ) . how they are positioned in relation to the inferior alveolar nerve

The results is one of the same as for a patient that goes for a CT Scan. We can dissect the teeth in slices so that we can determine problem areas