Laser dentistry

Laser therapy means state-of-the-art dentistry and modern patient care all in one. Due to the number of advantages, the sirolaser is a standard feature of our practice.

Benefits of using SIROLaser:

  •     Bacterium is reduced
  •     Many procedures can be performed without anesthesia
  •     Patients experience less post-operative pain
  •     Patients experience less scarring

Patients heal faster without the need for stitches.Procedures can be completed in less time, with greater accuracy

How does SIROLaser work?

SIROLaser emits short, controlled waves of light that cut through soft tissue, cauterizing and sterilizing as it operates. This process effectively improves recovery by reducing post-operative pain and swelling, while decreasing bleeding and risk of infection. Additionally, these light-waves eliminate the need for anesthetic because they are often too short to generate a neural response.

During what procedures can SIROLaser be utilized?

Because of SIROLasers versatility, it can be used in numerous applications. Patients undergoing the following procedures can benefit from SIROLaser:

  •     Root canal therapy
  •     Surgical extractions
  •     Dental implant placement
  •     Gum recontouring
  •     Treatment of periodontal disease
  •     Crown lengthening
  •     Oral biopsies
  •     Treatment of cold sores
  •     Filling cavities