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When your has a cavity or is decayed , the decay needs to be removed, to prevent further damage to the tooth and the tooth needs to be restored.

The tooth can be restored with a Ceramic filling (also known as an inlay or onlay ) depending on the size. There are three types of fillings, ceramic, composite and amalgam. Amalgam fillings (also sometimes called silver fillings) contain mercury, which is a toxic chemical, so at Private Dental Studio we do not use this filling material. Dr Terence Moodley only recommends Ceramic (Cerec) fillings, both for new cavities and as a replacement for any existing silver fillings. Aside from the health benefits, Ceramic fillings are also tooth-colored, so they’re barely visible and esthetically pleasing . If you have silver fillings, please contact us today. In most cases, silver fillings are not worth the health risks.